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Selecting the Right Vehicle for Your Teenager – California Auto Insurance

Selecting the Right Vehicle for Your Teenager – California Auto Insurance

Most teenagers spend hours upon hours daydreaming about their first car. They comment on that new sports car that just came out, or point at the newest cars on the road while driving. But as a parent you have a choice not only to purchase any old car for your teen, but to purchase the safest vehicle available for their use. When faced with this big decision, be sure to ask your California auto insurance agent for the best tips!

  1. The Newer The Better: While many parents cannot afford to purchase a new vehicle for their brand-new teen driver, it is important that you choose the newest model possible. Safety of the chosen vehicle is obviously the most important part of the decision and if you choose a vehicle of the year 1997 or later – your teen will be driving with a much more sophisticated air-bag system and anti-lock brake system.
  2. Stay Down to Earth: Do not assume the bigger the better when purchasing a car for your teen. Trucks and SUV’s not only cost more and use more gas, but are considered much more unstable in harsh weather conditions. Traditional passenger cars are a better choice for your teen to adjust to driving in.
  3. Speed Kills: That’s right…speeding is the leading cause of teenage driving fatalities. Skip the turbo charged or high horsepower car and choose a four-cylinder or economy model vehicle instead. This will take away the “need to speed” for your teen.
  4. Crash-Test Scores: Check out the crash-test scores before purchasing a vehicle for your teen. The cars with the highest ratings have a much safer structural design.

Choosing a vehicle for your teen is a hard decision. You are not alone and you can find many great sources and recommendations for your teenager online. Be sure to add them to your California auto insurance policy as soon as they are a permitted driver. Call Remland Insurance today for more information at 714) 532-3341

Written by: Christi Gartner

Photo Credit: 2012 Honda Civic – Source: Mercury Insurance


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