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Say “I Do” to Creating a Wedding Checklist

Say “I Do” to Creating a Wedding Checklist

Say “I Do” to Creating a Wedding ChecklistKnow what you should you be planning when your wedding is 8-10 months away!

If you haven’t decided to get married in Vegas the day of, you probably are smart enough to know that a proper wedding takes time to plan. It’s the day you and your partner have decided to start living your life as one! It’s a beautiful event, but it requires a lot of planning to come out with the perfect wedding that’s right for you. Of course, not everyone is the same and there are some luxuries not all can afford, but there are things which every wedding should include in their checklist.

Here’s a brief checklist for your wedding when it’s 8-10 months away:

  • What kind of entertainment do you want? A pianist for cocktail hour, a DJ, a live band? These things may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how hard it is to book something for your wedding day. Hiring someone months before is the best way to ensure your entertainment.
  • Floral décor. Flowers come in many shapes and sizes and colors and variants of colors. Also, what vases are they going to be dipped in? It’s a very complex process that deserves your full attention.
  • Contact the venues at which you’d like to hold the ceremony/reception. Chances are that they are receiving many inquiries regarding the availability of their space.
  • Research a wedding insurance policy to protect your deposits. The world and life are filled with uncertainties—surely you’ve already become aware. Your wedding day, as special as it is to you, won’t mean a thing if something happens and you’re forced to cancel the event. (E.g. a meteor striking your venue, obliterating it from the map.) With a wedding insurance policy, you can protect your deposits in case this, or something else that’s bad, happens.

A wedding insurance policy is important to secure your deposits and be able to fund another wedding at another time! Here at Remland Insurance, we would be happy to help you protect your wedding with the proper insurance coverage. We also specialize in other branches of insurance and we can review your policies and let you know where more coverage is needed!


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