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Conserve Energy (And Money) This Winter

Conserve Energy (And Money) This Winter

Save Energy During Winter

Use These Tips To Cut Your Energy Usage And Utility Bills

As the winter weather sets in, even in Southern California, it can be tempting to take a long hot shower and put your thermostat up to 90 degrees. Doing so, however, is a careless use of resources and will also come back to bite you financially with higher utility bills. Avoid the expense with these energy saving tips:

  • Hit The Magic Number: You would not plunge into a hot tub that read 120 degrees, would you? Yet many homeowners let their hot water heater run hotter than that. Turn your hot water heater down to the standard 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and you will save on your bills and avoid scalding yourself.
  • Close All Openings: It may seem like a no-brainer to close all windows when you are trying to trap heat inside, but many people leave the damper on their fireplace open all winter allowing hot air to easily float outside. Close your damper and make sure it fits snugly.
  • Use Your Windows: Just because you are bundled up all day does not mean your windows need to be. Open the curtains on all south-facing windows during the day to allow sunlight in to naturally warm your home. Just make sure you close them at night to minimize the chill of cold glass.
  • Filter Fix: If you have not replaced your air and furnace filters, you are forcing your home’s heating systems to work harder than they need to. Make sure you measure the filters before heading to the hardware store to make sure you get the right fit on a replacement filter.

Remland Insurance Services wishes you a safe and healthy winter. While your home protects you from the chill, let us protect your home with great homeowners insurance. For all of your Orange County insurance needs, contact us today!



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