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Save California’s Water Supply

Save California’s Water Supply

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The City of Orange recently released the latest guidelines for water use during the current drought situation going on in our beautiful State of California earlier this year and we wanted to make sure and share them with you again this Fall as grass and trees start to change seasons you adjust your water accordingly.

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The State of California is requiring Orange Water Users to reduce water usage by 28%.

In order to meet the State mandate, the City has adopted the following restrictions for all water users in the City:

• Landscape watering is prohibited between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., and watering more than 10 minutes per station is also prohibited.
• Watering is prohibited ANY day other than Tuesday and Friday (April-October.)
• Watering is prohibited ANY day other than Tuesday (November-March.)
• Watering landscape areas during and within 48 hours of measurable rainfall is prohibited
• Washing of pavement is prohibited.
• Washing vehicles except with hand-held bucket or hose with self-closing nozzle is prohibited.
• Drinking water served only by request in restaurants.

For a full list of the new restrictions, visit…/pu…/water_services/default.asp


Please be aware that these measures alone will not meet the 28% mandated threshold. We are asking Orange water users to also reduce their overall outdoor irrigation by 50%, their indoor water usage by 25%, and conserve water wherever possible.

For water saving tips that can also save money, as well as rebates available to both residents and businesses, please visit



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