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Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain | Auto Insurance in Orange, CAHere in Southern California, it doesn’t rain much but when it does drivers seem to forget how to drive.

Even in perfect driving conditions, human beings are terrible drivers. We have short attention spans and awful reaction times. Even if you think you’re a good driver because you’ve never been pulled over been in an accident, you are still a terrible driver. Now let’s add some rain to roads, and our driving ability drops to near zero. Until self-driving cars become the standard, we are going to have to know how to drive in all weather conditions. Here are a few safety tips for driving in the rain–even if it’s a light mist or heavy storm. (And it’s always a good idea to carry auto insurance in Orange, CA.)

  1. Activate Headlights – When the rain starts falling, you have to make yourself visible to other drivers. Turning on your headlights will alert drivers ahead of you, as well as behind and next to you.
  2. Windshield Wipers – You need to be able to see where you’re going, and windshield wipers were designed to do just that.
  3. Leave Space – Oil and water don’t mix. When it rains, the water forces the oil on the roads to float to the top as it is less dense than water, making a slippery layer of oil. Leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you to ensure you’ll have enough room to brake.
  4. Drive With Traffic (or on the Right) – If you are a cautious driver and driving in the rain makes you anxious, we advise you stick to the right side of the road. Driving under the speed limit in the left lanes may cause more accidents and traffic.

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