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Safeguard Your Home While You’re Away on Vacation

protect your home while you're away

Safeguard Your Home While You’re Away on Vacation

Take these precautions to protect your home.

Planning on taking a vacation this summer?  Then it’s important that you take the necessary steps to protect your home during your absence.  While having the right homeowners insurance in Orange, California is a great way to keep your home safe, there are other precautions that you can take as well.  Try out some of these suggestions to safeguard your home while you are away.

Clean Out Your Kitchen

There’s nothing worse than coming back from vacation only to find that your home is overrun by vermin.  Luckily, you can reduce the chance of an infestation by carefully cleaning out your kitchen before you leave on your vacation.  Discarding foods that will go bad and sealing up open foods in your pantry will prevent the smell from attracting rodents, insects, and other pests.

Unplug Electronics

While uncommon, power surges can cause plugged-in electronics to overheat and even catch fire.  The best way to reduce this fire risk is by simply unplugging all non-essential electronics and appliances.  Not only will this help you avoid a house fire, but it will also cut back on your electricity bill as well.

Invest in a Home Security System

One of the best ways to prevent a home invasion is by investing in a home security system.  A good system will alert both you and the authorities in the event that an unauthorized person attempts to enter your home.  Additionally, as many new systems come equipped with camera capabilities, you can even use your home security system to monitor your home remotely.

Try out these suggestions to keep your home safe while you’re away on vacation.  Remember, having the right homeowners insurance in Orange, California is another important way to protect your home.  To find the right policies to meet your needs, turn to the experts at Remland Insurance.  Contact us to get started today.


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