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Road Trip Tips for Summer Vacation

Road Trip Tips for Summer Vacation

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Many people have concerns about taking their cars on long trips, especially if their cars are getting on in years or mileage. Truth is, long trips are actually easier on your car than day-to-day driving — but a breakdown far from home can really ruin your fun. A few simple checks will stave off many common problems. As with most things, it’s best to start early.

Here are a few helpful Road Trip Tips:

1: Make sure to get any major repairs done: The tires need a change? Or maybe some air?  How about the bumper that keeps falling off? Yes, you need to take care of these issues before you venture out on the open road.  This will not only keep you safe, but other drivers on the road as well.

2: Make sure your vehicle is fresh and clean: No one wants to be in a dirty car for hours at a time! Wash the exterior as well as the interior and be sure to vacuum the rugs and get rid of any trash that may take up room.  If need be, get a fresh oil change.

3: Make sure you have proper California Auto Insurance: Do not let the fear of an accident ruin your vacation!  It’s best to make sure you are properly insured. Whether you prefer liability, medical, collision or all-of-the-above, Remland Insurance Services will make sure you are covered!

4: Make sure you have roadside assistance: If you are not already registered with any sort of roadside assistance, now is a good time!  Look into AAA for a great deal.

5: Fill your gas tank: Seems like an obvious tip but people do forget!  Keep your tank filled along your journey in case you get lost.

6: Make sure everything is packed: Bags? Check. Spare tire? Check. Road maps? Check! Now relax and enjoy the open road!

7: Have Fun: Play Road Trip Games, Bring lots of fun music, Pack delicious and easy to eat snacks, stop at healthy restaurants so no one in the car gets a tummy ache from a greasy gas station burger!

To double check on your coverage and limits, give Remland Insurance a call today at (714) 532-3341


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