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Rain in the O.C. Forecast, Clean Out those Rain Gutters

Rain in the O.C. Forecast, Clean Out those Rain Gutters

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We are officially on “Storm Watch 2014!”

Southern California is a beautiful place to live. Amazing weather, beautiful scenery, and many adorable housing tracks to live in. While many construction workers may be aware of the common maintenance the interior and exterior of a home needs, the typical homeowner is usually educated about building materials and preventative methods to keep mold from forming in your home.

If mold gets into the framework or drywall of a home, it has the ability to infect the entire structure. Mold spores can be toxic to humans and cause serious lung infections or worse, a deadly reaction. Most California insurance carriers limit their mold coverage to the bare minimum if they offer any coverage at all. As the homeowner it is your responsibility to maintain the property and be sure any new construction is done with mold resistant materials.

Some simple maintenance suggestions for keeping your home mold free in 2014:

  • Keep all exposed wood studs and beams dry
  • Use mold-resistant dry wall and framing materials to prevent moisture from creating an issue
  • Be sure to install ventilation systems in the kitchen and bathrooms to help clean moisture
  • Add rain gutters to your home, if you already have rain gutters be sure they are cleaned out and functioning
  • Do quarterly surveys of your attic, under sink cabinets and exterior area

By understanding a bit more about how mold grows in the framework of your home, you will be able to catch problem areas and prevent and further growth. If mold is spotted, it’s always best to contact a professional company, but if it is a small, manageable area, spray with bleach several days in a row and let dry. Your neighborhood home improvement store also carries a great line of products to combat mold.

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Written by: Christi Gartner


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