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Questions to Ask About Your Insurance Needs

Questions to Ask About Your Insurance Needs

Questions to Ask About Your Insurance Needs

Family, home, and career status should reflect your policy coverage.

Life is an ever-changing process. One of the things that changes is your insurance needs, and doing an annual review of your insurance policies is recommended to make sure that you are only covered for the things you need; not any more, and not any less. Here are some questions to ask yourself to deal with your changing insurance needs.

  1. Have you gotten married (or divorced)?

If you’ve gotten married, you may qualify for an auto insurance discount. Married couples often bring two cars into one household so that a multi-car insurance policy may save you money.

A look at your homeowners insurance is recommended as well if you’re buying a new house, or updating your complete assets.

Life insurance is something that you must look into because you are now responsible for another person.

If you recently got divorced, check these three insurance policies and update them to your needs. You don’t want to be paying for more than what you have.

  1. Have you had a baby?

If you’ve recently added another member of the family (either through birth or adoption), congratulations! It is important that you review your life insurance and disability income protection. A big family requires more coverage. If something were to happen to you, what will your spouse do about food, clothing, education, and everything else a child needs and will need.

  1. Do you have a teenager with a driver’s license?

A teenager is stressful enough, but having to purchase their own policy is even worse. Opting to absorb the teenager into your auto insurance policy is what most parents do as it keeps the cost low and gives the teen coverage.

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