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Preventing Loss and your California Home Insurance

Preventing Loss and your California Home Insurance



The insurance industry sees all sorts of damages, claims, losses and vandalism. Each month claims are reported all across America, and many of those incidents are preventable! If you own your home, there are some precautionary measures that can be taken which could help prevent many of these issues from coming up.

  1. Alarm System – Have a home alarm system installed to help prevent vandalism. By having one of these systems installed, depending on the variety of alarm you may also receive a credit or discount from your California home insurance carrier.
  2. Smoke Alarms – By properly installing smoke alarms in your home, you will be alerted much earlier if a fire starts while you are there. While there is no way for you to know if a fire starts while you are away, the alarm that goes off while you are home could help prevent a total loss of your home and possessions.
  3. Fire Sprinklers – By having fire sprinklers installed in your home, you are taking extra precautions in case of a fire. Sprinklers automatically work when the home has measured levels of smoke in the air. These could truly save your home!
  4. Plumbing Inspection – Each year it is smart to have your local plumber come out and survey your homes plumbing. If a pipe were to break under your home and damage the slab, it could cost you a fortune! By having the pipes checked and cleaned regularly, you can catch an issue or prevent further damage in the future.

Owning a home in California can be the most expensive check you write each month. In fact…it almost always is a person’s most valuable asset. Be sure to take proper care of your home and property to prevent major claims, damages and losses. Your California home insurance rate depends on it! Give Remland Insurance a call today to obtain a FREE California home insurance quote at 714) 532-3341

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