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Prepare an Emergency Kit at Home

Prepare an Emergency Kit at Home

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It seems like every day there is another natural disaster in the news somewhere around the world.  When disaster strikes the last thing you should have to worry about is collecting “survival” materials during a crisis which is why our staff here at Remland Insurance recommends putting together an Emergency Kit as soon as possible with your entire family!

We have included a simple, very basic Emergency Supply Kit that consists of many items you may already have at home. Simply put all the supplies in a large plastic tote and store somewhere accessible in the garage or storage area. Many of these items can be purchased at your local discount store and are great to have on hand as back up supply when you are not able to get inside your home.

Please print this list and assemble your tote this weekend! Be sure all of your family members know where it is located and have access to the kit in case of emergency.

Emergency Supplies Needed:

  • Large Plastic Tote
  • Jugs of Water (2)
  • Liquid Bleach (16 drops per gal. of Water, letsit 30 minutes)
  • Food: Soups, Meals, Fruits, Veggies, Juice,Peanut Putter, Granola Bars, Trail Mix, Hard Candy, Tea Bags
  • Medications: Aspirin, Vitamins
  • First Aid Kit: Store-bought (bandages, gauze,Neosporin etc.)
  • Tools: Hammer, Utility Knife, Duct Tape,Flashlight, Radio, Wrench, Matches, Fire Extinguisher, Pens & Pencils,Whistle, Rope, City Map, Razorblades, Gloves
  • Storage: Ziploc Bags, Plastic bowls, PaperTowels, Utensils, Garbage Bags
  • Sanitation: Toilet Paper, Soap, Clorox Wipes,Towels
  • Clothing: Work Boots, Warm Clothing, Sunglasses& Blanket
  • Documents: Insurance Pol., Passport, SS Card,Bank Statements, Telephone List, Family Records, Copies of Credit Cards
  • Other: Deck of Cards/ Games


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