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Will Your Auto Insurance Cover Your Passengers?

Will Your Auto Insurance Cover Your Passengers?

Will Your Auto Insurance Cover Your Passengers?

Understanding exactly when and how your auto insurance protects your passengers.

It’s never ideal to get into a car accident, but it becomes much scarier when you have other passengers in your vehicle with you. Your goal was to keep them safe out on the road, and now you’re left wondering if you can take responsibility for any injuries they sustained.

So you can rest easy knowing your passengers are protected, here are a few types of auto insurance coverage you should consider.

  • Medical expenses coverage is specifically designed to cover the doctor’s bills you and your passengers face after an accident you cause. With this type of protection, you have a first, direct line of defense and can be confident that your passengers will get the reimbursements they deserve for any medical expenses they have after the accident.
  • If you cause the accident and don’t have medical expenses coverage, your liability coverage can kick in for your passengers provided you haven’t already hit your policy limits. Similarly, if the other driver caused the accident his or her liability coverage will cover those expenses.
  • Even though California drivers are legally required to have liability coverage, a surprisingly high number of people break the law by driving without any coverage at all. If one of these drivers causes an accident and injures your passengers, affordable uninsured motorist coverage can come to the rescue. With this type of policy, you don’t have to rely on the responsibility of others in order to take care of your passengers.

Are you confident you’re carrying enough coverage to protect your passengers? If you’d like to have a professional review your auto insurance policy to make sure, contact Remland Insurance. Serving the City of Orange and the surrounding California area, we’re committed to helping you protect what matters most.



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