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Outraged by Towing Charges? Your California Auto Insurance Policy May Cover It

Outraged by Towing Charges? Your California Auto Insurance Policy May Cover It


Has your car been towed lately? When the bill arrived from the towing company were you shocked to find out the total cost and absurd charged added to the list? As an Independent Agency,  Remland Insurance Services has the ability to offer clients California auto insurance with towing expenses covered (up to a certain mileage).  A Mercury Insurance auto policy comes equip with a 15 mile towing radius that can be used up to 5 times in a policy period (6 months to 1 year).

Auto-Towing companies along with road-side cleanup crews are charging astronomical rates these days to tow cars after accidents due to “hazardous material” clean up and distance the vehicle must be towed. Be sure to specify the auto body shop or salvage yard you prefer your vehicle to be taken to before the tow truck operator drives off. Each tow truck company has deals with the shops and yards they deliver cars to, and if they are beyond the mileage your AAA or Mercury auto policy allows, then the charges start rising.

In an effort to keep the cost down the next time you need a tow, here are some helpful auto towing tips that may save you hundreds of dollars:

  • Take Photos of the Scene
  • Verify whether cleanup (hazardous or not) was performed
  • Clarify who did the cleanup work
  • Determine how far your current policy allows for towing (without extra charges)
  • Find out who called the towing company (Police, witness, fire department or other driver)
  • Determine the absolute necessary charges
  • Look over your bill
  • Contact your California auto insurance agent as soon as possible after the accident/towing occurs

These tips may be helpful next time you find yourself in a car accident or your vehicle was towed for any other reason. Be sure to research hazardous material clean up (local Fire Department is a good source) and determine what was actually spilled and cleaned up. Come bills have stated upwards of $25,000 to clean up toxic material, but not all spills are hazardous (anti-freeze is not).  

For any future questions, or to obtain information about your insurance carrier and their towing policy, contact Remland Insurance today at 714)532-3341


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