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Our Prayers are with Oklahoma – Disaster Insurance

Our Prayers are with Oklahoma – Disaster Insurance


Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Moore, Oklahoma this morning as we hear more and more news about the horrific tornado that passed by their town yesterday. Lives lost and many people’s homes and memories destroyed in minutes…we are truly sorry for each of your losses and will continue to pray for the recovery efforts taking place.

**Donate to the American Red Cross now to help out the victims and their families

Disaster can strike at any moment, usually when we least expect it. Here at Remland Insurance, we encourage our staff and customers to get prepared with the proper California home insurance coverage along with stocking a few supplies away in-case of emergency. Your home insurance should be secure and paid up monthly in order to maintain the correct amount of coverage, however when a natural disaster or house hold emergency arises, its best to be prepared with the appropriate supplies.

Our staff recommends preparing a kit at yourhome filled with the following emergency supplies. By having this tool prepared in advance, you will have the peace of mind knowing your family will have the bare necessities to get by for a few days without aid.

  1. Build a Supply Kit: Water, Food,Flashlight, Tools, Important Documents, Medications and more are on the United States government list of necessary items. Print the full list here 
  2. Make a Family Plan: Arrange a family meeting and determine what to do in case of family emergency. Consider printing out a list of important phone numbers and contacts in case you are stranded somewhere. Be sure each family member knows where to meet and who to contact when phone lines become available.
  3. Be Informed: Fortunately in California we do not usually experience any extreme weather conditions like the mid-west, but it is important to know the facts about the most common Natural Disasters. Please contact 1-800-BE-READY for a free emergency brochure or visit

The greatest gift you could offer your family is the ability to care for each member until government assistance arrives. Your California home insurance carrier should contact you shortly after any disaster happens if they are properly notified about the damage that took place. Be safe, be prepared, and be happy! Contact Remland Insurance Services today for more information about your California insurance.


The COVID 19 virus has certainly changed our lives for the short term both at home and at work. Our office is working in compliance with state and local officials and their request to minimize contact with others for the short term so that we can shorten the life of this virus.
As such, our offices will be available by phone or by e mail 8-5 Monday thru Friday. If you need to make an appointment to come by, please call us before you drop by, so we can reduce risk, and take care of our staff and just be safe.
Please don’t hesitate to call us and if for some reason you can’t reach us, please look at our website for carrier contact information. Thank You for your continued business.

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