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Our California Business Insurance is a necessity for the well being of your company!

Our California Business Insurance is a necessity for the well being of your company!

Business can be quite unpredictable, but your California business insurance shouldn’t be. If you reside in Los Angeles or run a business in Orange County, you don’t need to be reminded that in pretty much all cases, the objective of doing business is to maximize the profits, while minimizing the expenses. This means that making calculated plans will account for anticipated expenses, and outlining actionable plans will help wisely reinvest your business profits.

Keeping expenses at an adequate level involves searching for and obtaining inexpensive, comprehensive business insurance that can help to decrease the cost of unexpected losses, such as natural disasters, lawsuits, employee injuries, and more. Unfortunately, there are business owners everywhere who don’t what it is that they need as far as business insurance in Los Angeles.



State guidelines are in place to regulate basic business insurance requirements. Included in the list of the required policies are unemployment insurance, workers compensation, and disability insurance. Yet, for most businesses or even your unique company, these may not be enough.

Our business insurance packages may include any or all of the following coverage options:
• Business Owner Policies (BOP)
• General Liability
• Commercial Auto Insurance
• Errors and Omissions
• Commercial Property Insurance
• Professional Liability
• Group Benefits

Most business owners have no clue as to how to begin the process of obtaining insurance. However, we are here to guide you, and using our experienced agents, this will help you understand the pertinence of having an inexpensive, comprehensive business coverage in place. So regardless of how large or small the business may be, we can recommend affordable California business insurance solutions for your organization to run properly!



The COVID 19 virus has certainly changed our lives for the short term both at home and at work. Our office is working in compliance with state and local officials and their request to minimize contact with others for the short term so that we can shorten the life of this virus.
As such, our offices will be available by phone or by e mail 8-5 Monday thru Friday. If you need to make an appointment to come by, please call us before you drop by, so we can reduce risk, and take care of our staff and just be safe.
Please don’t hesitate to call us and if for some reason you can’t reach us, please look at our website for carrier contact information. Thank You for your continued business.

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