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How One Infraction “Total” Your Auto Insurance in Orange, CA

How One Infraction “Total” Your Auto Insurance in Orange, CA

Failing to wear a seatbelt may be the last minor infraction because nearly everything else will add about 20 percent to your premium.

Auto insurance is an expense on your budget you already see as too high. If you are to commit a traffic violation, then those expenses may only increase, putting a bigger dent on your expenses. This may seem a bit unfair, but when you think about how premiums are determined, you see that perhaps it isn’t the most unfair thing in the world. Knowing how auto insurance determines premiums and what infractions will raise your premium can only benefit you.

All insurance companies use statistics to determine premiums and deductibles (if deductibles apply). They consider your driving record, age, and other factors and stick them in an equation. What comes out of the equation is your risk-factor. Low-risk drivers are associated with safe and careful driving, and are, therefore, given a low premium and possibly awarded discounts for good driving. High-risk drivers, on the other hand, are associated with dangerous, Fast and the Furious driving. This association with recklessness gives the high-risk client a high premium.

Careless Driving

Average Rate Increase: 27 percent

Missing a yield sign, speeding within 15 mph, lane drifting, and other “minor” violations will see a small increase in your auto insurance. It stays low because auto insurance companies know some mistakes are bound to happen and hope you’ll learn from this mistake.

Reckless Driving

Average Rate Increase: 84.5 percent

This means you knew what you were doing while committing the violation. You were playing chicken or racing, or drifting into dangerous turns. The intent is what insurance companies look at, thus the high rate increase.


Average Rate Increase: 94 percent

Basically the worst offense a driver can commit in the eyes of an insurance company. Not only is it considered reckless driving, but it is also a complete disregard of the law and puts other lives at risk. Let’s be frank: you completely deserve this increase and hopefully you’ll never do it again.

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