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New Year, New Smoke Alarm Batteries

New Year, New Smoke Alarm Batteries

New Year: New Smoke Alarm Batteries!

Safety Tips To Keep Your Smoke Alarm Operational

You likely only think about your smoke alarm when it is making that annoying beeping reminding you to replace its battery. If, however, it has malfunctioned that little reminder will not only fail to go off, but the alarm will not function in the face of a fire. The Residential Fire Safety Institute reports that a third of smoke alarms in the United States are not functioning properly.

To keep your loved ones safe, make it a point to service your smoke alarm at the beginning of each year. When you do, here are a few reminders to help.

  1. Replace The Batteries:Even if your alarm has not started its beeping, it is a good practice to put new batteries in your alarm at least once a year.
  2. Count The Years:When was the last time your replaced your smoke alarm? Alarms should be replaced once every ten years since after a decade they have a 30 percent rate of failure. If you cannot remember the last time you replaced your alarm, do it this year. That way, you will have the easy-to-remember mid-decade year (e.g. 2025, 2035) to remind you it is time for a new one.
  3. Go For Variety:When you do replace your alarms, choose to mix in photoelectric alarms, which will catch a slow-burning fire, with ionization alarms, which will activate more quickly in a faster-burning blaze.
  4. Clean It Out:One of the leading causes of smoke alarm malfunction is built-up dust and grime. Take your alarm down each year and vacuum it out and wipe it down.

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