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National Left-Handed Day

National Left-Handed Day

Today we celebrate “Lefties” all over the world! That’s right…left handed people get their very own holiday to celebrate! In case you are wondering “Why do THEY get a holiday?” our answer goes something like this:Because every single desk, pair of scissors, telephone cord coil, record player and computer numbers keypad were designed for the right handed population.

Some interesting facts about “Lefties” include:

  • Only 10-12% of people on Earth are considered Left handed (30 million in the USA)
  • 50% of Cats are said to be “left-pawed”
  • In the Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William are all Left handed
  • Lefties are more prone to migraine headaches L & allergies
  • Lefties are twice as likely to be a man
  • They tend to be better at multi-tasking then the average Joe
  • Typically pursue a career that is in the creative arts
  • Of the 7 most recent U.S. Presidents, 4 have been left handed
  • For more left handed facts

We wish you a very Happy Left Handers Day! May all the lefties out there find a reason to celebrate their uniqueness! 


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