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My Child’s Tree House Needs Insurance?

My Child’s Tree House Needs Insurance?


Tree house insurance…yes you read that right, Tree house insurance! Tree houses are one of the most memorable things about childhood activities. Custom built tree houses became anything we could dream up or imagine: clubhouses, hideaways, shopping malls, castles, war rooms, forts, spaceships, control centers, submarines, tea rooms, and more!

The sobering side to these delightful experiences as an adult is seeing them from a liability (insurance company) point of view…yikes!  These same structures have a separate value that, just like a home, garage, shed, or pool; needs specific coverage. Secondly, that coverage needs to be for damage to the tree house as well as for protection against liability caused by owning a tree house.

The fact that tree houses are so very fun is what makes them an issue for insurance companies.  They are “attractive nuisances”, which means they tend to be Child Magnets! Tree houses are guaranteed to make a home popular, very popular! And word travels fast and far!!

Here are some things to consider if you have or are considering building a tree house:

  • They are off the ground and can usually only be accessed by climbing a rope or ladder
  • Tree houses that are not maintained become even more dangerous
  • They are used by children who are “playing”, not thinking about being careful
  • They are often used by too many children, can they handle the weight safely
  • The children are usually unsupervised when they are playing in tree houses
  • Access to the tree house can be 24/7/365….including nights, weekends and other times when the homeowner is not around

If you have a tree house, make sure that you keep it maintained and supervise its use.Also, call your homeowner’s insurance agent and make sure you have the liability protection you need….nothing like putting a damper on a childhood memory, but times have changed and parents don’t think twice about suing if their child gets hurt!

Our agents at Remland Insurance would be happy to discuss any current concerns you may have on your home insurance policy as well as the addition of a new structure on your insured property. Give our office a call today with any questions at 714) 532-3341 

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