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Man’s Best Friend and How Your California Homeowners Insurance Might be Affected

Man’s Best Friend and How Your California Homeowners Insurance Might be Affected

Of course we are talking about the four-legged kind!   I don’t know many people who really don’t like dogs and most of our friends and customers have one or two.   They are great companions, always excited to see you, which is especially nice after a hard day.  They can also offer some protection as well, alerting you that something might be amiss. What you may not know is that every year there are about two million people who are bitten by “man’s best friend”.   So what does that mean to you as a dog owner?

Insurance carriers have been paying claims for these types of incidents and the cost and number of these claims keep rising.  As a result, many companies will not even offer California Homeowners Insurance coverage if you have a specific breed of dog that may be known as aggressive or has biting history.  Each carrier has it’s own method and reason for covering or excluding coverage on dogs, so you need to talk to your agent and confirm the coverage on your specific policy will cover yours. For more information see an article named “Dogs on Insurance Blacklist” by

As a dog owner, you are responsible for raising, training, and handling your dog.  By being a responsible dog owner, you reduce the chance that your dog will be biting someone, or maybe even another dog.  Some dog’s just don’t like certain things, such as small children, surroundings that are not familiar, teasing or rough housing.   As the owner, you need to understand your dog’s likes and dislikes. 

So why bring this up?   Because as a dog owner, you are liable for the actions of your dog.  The number of lawsuits are increasing.  We see this as a rising trend and so it’s important for you to be aware that “man’s best friend” can also cause you serious problems if they bite someone.  Insurance carriers are not so inclined to give dogs the benefit of the doubt.  They will just refuse to insure a home with certain breeds of dogs.  So be careful about the type of dog you choose to own.  The bottom line is that if you are a dog owner or are thinking about getting a dog, make sure you understand that pet ownership is a lot of work and a big responsibility.   Do your homework before you bring that cute little puppy home.   Make sure your California Homeowners Insurance covers the type of dog you choose to buy.  It will help reduce the chances of “your best friend” becoming a potential lawsuit.  

Written by Gary Remland – Remland Insurance Services, Inc  – Photo Credit: Best Pet Insurance


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