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Looking To Start A House Fire?

Looking To Start A House Fire?

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In California we have fires, storms and occasional wind that can do some serious damage to homes. Most residents would agree that the weather we experience is rather mild compared to most other states and that’s one of the reasons California is such a popular place to live! What many Americans do not realize it that they could possibly have an item already in their home that can spark a fire and burn their beloved home to the ground in just a few minutes.

We recently received an email from a customer passing along a story of a whole house fire that was caused by a Glade Plug-In. The Glade Plug-In is designed to stay plugged into a wall socket in the home and keep it smelling fresh with a burst of scented spray every few hours. If used and installed properly, they can be extremely effective, however once the light bulb starts to go or the scented pack runs out…the problem can occur!

We highly recommend not having any scented plug-ins around your home, but if you must, be sure to change all parts according to package directions and also keep a close eye on the performance of the actual device.They often show warning signs of flickering lights or stop working completely on their own. In either case it’s time to throw them away and replace with anew one for your safety.

Having a good homeowners policy in place will help you to rebuild, but when you stop and think about it, is it really that important for your home to have a fresh smell every few hours if it means a possible house fire in the future?  Our staff here at Remland Insurance all agree that any item in your home that could cause a potential fire should be disposed of, so do a walk through today and determine just how safe your property is and how many potential hazards you have plugged into your walls.  


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