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How To: Get Life Insurance After A Heart Attack

How To: Get Life Insurance After A Heart Attack

How To: Get Life Insurance After A Heart AttackYour guide to getting Orange, CA life insurance after a heart attack.  

If you, like so many of us, missed the boat on getting life insurance when you were young and healthy, don’t worry. Yes, we’re talking to you, heart attack survivors. Even you can get a life insurance policy!

To help you do just that, we want to offer these tips on getting the life insurance you need after a heart attack.

  • Follow Your Doctor’s Orders: Your doctor is a medical professional, and, quite frankly, you’re not. If your doctor’s telling you to make certain changes, take certain medications, or do certain things, follow orders! Showing your insurer you’re under the guidance of a pro will up your odds of getting coverage.
  • Be Healthy: Your past health problems are keeping you from getting coverage, but you can overcome them by showing you’re healthy today. Eat right, exercise regularly, stop smoking, only drink moderately, and find ways to handle your stress. If you can show you’re pursuing a healthy lifestyle, life insurance providers will see you as less of a risk.
  • Wait It Out: Unfortunately, sometimes insurers just need a little time. They want you to be able to show that you’re actually healthy and can go health problem-free for a time. Some insurers will want to wait six months, while others will wait two years or more. Your insurance agent can help you find an insurer who will have a timeline that works with yours.

Of course, getting the coverage you need despite your medical history becomes much easier when you have an expert on your side. To get a dedicated agent who will help you get the life insurance you need on your team, contact Remland Insurance in Orange County, California today!


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