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Learn to “Firescape” your house and to always stay protected with our California Home Insurance!

Learn to “Firescape” your house and to always stay protected with our California Home Insurance!

According to The Orange County Register, as the summer winds down, the season for fire has come upon Orange County, heating up from September to October. The fire season is longer than the wet season in Orange County. Wildfires destroy an average of 1,376 homes every year in California and most of those losses could have been avoided.

Statistics show that if your house goes up in flames, then it was probably ignited by a fire brand. This is a burning ember caught in the wind and propelled beyond fire breaks. Fire brands allow wildfires to jump into dense urban areas. Neighborhoods in hilly areas close to open space are most at risk.

These reasons are why preparing your home for fire brands, which may last for hours if not days, is top priority. Below are ways to greatly improve the chances of your home surviving fires:

First: The structure

A home can be the most ignitable and flammable feature on a property. Statistics show a well maintained house in much less flammable.
• Sweep debris from roof and remove junk from rain gutters.
• Screen all holes and vents leading in your house with ¼ inch or smaller wire mesh.
• Remove all flammable materials from around your home
• Fill and remove splinters, peeling paint and gaps in windows and doors.

Second: The Garden Zone
Healthy, well maintained, and water-refreshed plants can do more than withstand flying embers, they can catch and extinguish them. The priority is the removal of the Three Ds – dead, diseased, and dying vegetation. These Ds are reason embers grow into flames. The ideal plant for the Garden Zone is one that tends to sizzle rather than ignite. Plants that sizzle have particular characteristics: they have leafs that are easily bent and their leaves tend to be larger.

Third: Make Your Property a Beacon
Fire fighters may have to decide, and sometimes within minutes, which homes are worth the fight. A property worth defending looks as follows:
• The roof looks accessible and clean.
• The driveway is large enough to accommodate a large truck.
• The driveway and paths leading around a home are cleared of flammable plants and objects.
• The home’s address is clearly visible from both directions.

At Remland Insurance, we are concerned about your safety during the fire season and every season. It is important to know which precautions to take to not only protect your home, but your family as well. We are committed to helping you with our comprehensive California home insurance during this time!

Everyone deserves to feel protected while in their home, which is why we offer home insurance to keep it safe from harm. We will explain your options and simplify the entire process for you. Though there are significant decisions to consider, we don’t want you to become stressed. We are devoted to easing the process for you.

Our California insurance policy will cover some of the following: Liability, personal possessions, and the structure of your home. At Remland Insurance, we understand that the well being of your loved ones is top priority. So let us give you peace of mind knowing they are protected with our reliable California home insurance!


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