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Learn how to keep your house spotless and protected at all times with our California Home Insurance!

Learn how to keep your house spotless and protected at all times with our California Home Insurance!

According to The Orange County Register, it is important to always be prepared, especially as a home seller or buyer. In order to keep your home fresh, clean, and comfortable, there are some suggested tools available on the market. These include the following:

1. Clean erase sponge – Buy the brand name or the generic and read the package directions. These magic sponges wipe out messy marks such as scuffs, scum, newsprint, and fingerprints, which can be on walls, floors, counters, and doors.

2. Permanent markers – Make an investment in the multi-color package of these handy household tools. Use these pens to touch up all kinds of things around your home, including small spots on the walls, scratches on your furniture, and worn areas on the banisters or railings. Big hint here — START SMALL.

3. Caulking – What color is the caulk around your shower or bathtub? If it is anything other than white or off-white, re-caulk immediately! And keep it clean.

Keeping your home clean will result in a healthy, happy lifestyle. At Remland Insurance, we believe every family deserves protection that they can trust. This is why we offer California home insurance to satisfy the place you call home!

We are here to explain your options and simplify the entire process for you. Our homeowners insurance policy can cover your personal possessions, living expenses in case of a disaster, the structure of your home, and more. We want you to consider us your ally in the protection of your residence. So let us provide your family with the peace of mind knowing they are always safe with our California home insurance!


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