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Do You Know About the 3-Second Driving Rule?

Do You Know About the 3-Second Driving Rule?

The Current State of the Auto Industry (In Statistics)

Rear-end collisions are the most common accidents among all drivers, but there’s a simple solution that could reduce the number significantly.

Human drivers are terrible. Even if you consider yourself to be an amazing driver, statistically you are terrible. Slow reaction times, irrational behavior when in a panicked state, and distractions all contribute to crashes and traffic jams. Self-driving cars are here, but their automation only works on highways and is still rather primitive. The 3-second rule may be able to hold you off until the day we no longer have to drive.

When someone suddenly brakes in front of you, it could lead to a crash. Your brain must first see the car braking, then must send the signal through your nervous system to your leg to slam on the brakes. It’s not instantaneous: signals can travel at 268 miles per hours, or ~393 feet per second. This may seem fast, but when you’re travelling at 60+ mph, every fraction of a second counts. It’s important to remember that by the time you have registered a stopped car, and moved your leg, and actually have come to a stop, a little over 2.5 seconds has passed. (Let’s hold on to that number.)

It’s not only about reaction time either. Sure you may be able to slam on the brakes with enough space between the two of you, but how long will your car actually take to come to a full stop? Remembering that your average sedan weighs 2 tons and is going about 60 mph, it’s going to take 60 meters! (65 yards!)

Let’s go back to that “2.5 seconds” number. In order to have the best chance to avoid a rear-end collision, it’s best to follow the “3-Second Rule.” When driving, make sure that you have 3 seconds of space between the car in front of you.

Even if you use the 3-second rule the car behind you may not. Our staff at Remland Insurance is very experienced in all matters regarding auto insurance in Orange County and surrounding areas. Please contact us for any further questions regarding your auto insurance!


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