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Keep your computer, files, and other information secure with a hack proof password, while we protect you with our business insurance in Los Angeles!

Keep your computer, files, and other information secure with a hack proof password, while we protect you with our business insurance in Los Angeles!

Now that our society has become more digital, it is important to keep all of your accounts, files, pictures, music, etc, safe.  Typically, this is done by creating a password, which is six to eight characters long.  However, according to the Los Angeles Times, many people have simple passwords, leading to stolen identities and personal information being lost due to online hackers.

As a result of the recent hack attacks, it is crucial to see the value of and create a strong password.  After hacking into the websites of the CIA, PBS and Sony, LulzSec posted on the Internet the email addresses and passwords of 62,000 compromised accounts.  A quick scan of the list showed that most of the passwords were easy to remember.  An ideal password would be long, unintelligible, and nearly impossible to predict, such as this: !co4D4)f%d.  However, since good passwords are hard to remember, many people end up with easy ones or reuse the same password for multiple accounts.  Nowadays, passwords are the keys to your digital life, which is why you should know how to protect what means the most to you. 

Here are a few ways to protect yourself online:
• Use mnemonics. Pick a personal sentence, and take the first letter of every word to create a password

• Know that longer is usually better, but not always. A six-character password such as 7cG&!s is more secure than a longer password that uses a word or a phrase, such as iloveyou.
• Change passwords to your bank accounts every few months.
• Write down the passwords on a list without user names. Keep it with your passport, car title, Social Security card or other papers you are not likely to lose.
• If you want the ultimate protection, consider using a “random password generator” that you can find by doing an Internet search.

And a few things to avoid:

• Never use simple words or phrases, even if you spell them backward and add a number. Hackers have software that can predict commonly used words.
• Never have the same password for every account, especially for bank accounts and sites such as that can store your credit card information.
• Never email passwords to yourself. If hackers gain access to your email, they would then have the whole kit and caboodle.
• Avoid using personal details. Do not include your name, birthday or home address, which can be easily guessed by someone who knows you.

Keeping your personal security in mind, we want you to know that here at Remland Insurance Services, Inc., we have your safety in mind as well. As your resource for California business insurance, we are committed to finding a policy that best fits your needs. Since this area presents unique risk factors, such as earthquakes and fires, we will help determine an ideal package for your business insurance in Los Angeles. There are many facets to a business, which is why we provide you with a way to safeguard all subsets of your organization. Our wide range of coverage can be customized into an unparalleled California business insurance package. Some of our commercial insurance policies include Commercial Property Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Commercial Vehicles Insurance, and Excess Liability/Umbrella Insurance. Your business is a major investment of personal time and money. This is why we encourage you to protect both your virtual world and your business in the real world whenever a disaster may occur!


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