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Japanese Tsunami Debris Arrives In The United States by 2013

Japanese Tsunami Debris Arrives In The United States by 2013

Ever since the Tsunami hit the shores of Japan last March the world has been monitoring the 3 – 4 million tons of debris that got into the ocean. After ripping up Japanese harbors and destroying many homes…the debris was whisked back out to sea never to return to Japanese shores again. It is believed that there are large amounts of lumber, fishing boats, refrigerators and other large objects floating across the Pacific Ocean toward the Unites States.

As the debris is being tracked, some scientists at the University of Hawaii have said that it may reach the shores of Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon and Washington by early 2013. There have already been signs of debris arriving in Alaska and they are on the lookout for much more in the future. At this point the debris is expected to be somewhere around 1000 miles off the coast of Hawaii.

If harmful objects such as fishing gear or metal debris make it into the reefs and fish habitats off the shores of the United States, there is potential for it to hard the wildlife that currently resided there. Scientists do not know quite how much will sink to the bottom of the ocean…but are still visibly able to see a lot of debris making its way through the ocean as we speak.  We wait in anticipation of what will eventually arrive in the United States, and hope Japan can return to its normal way of living very soon.

In the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that caused the Tsunami, Japan lost over 18,000 people, countless buildings and homes. The amount it will cost to repair all that was lost is immeasurable but they are moving forward. The United States still participates in relief and clean-up efforts as we celebrate the 1-year anniversary on March 11th, 2012. God bless Japan!


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