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Is California Renter’s Insurance Necessary?

Is California Renter’s Insurance Necessary?

Do you rent an apartment/condo or home?  If you do, did you know you can get California Renter’s Insurance to protect you?  Most insurance companies have a specific policy for renters. A typical renters insurance policy covers your belongings when it comes to common reasons for the loss, additional living expenses if you have to live somewhere else while your place is being fixed due to a loss, medical expenses for people who may have been injured on your property and, of course, lawsuits.

Property Coverage

The coverage for a standard renter’s policy provides Actual Cash Value for any of your belongings that is lost (which means the item’s replacement cost less the depreciation on that item). You can buy extra coverage for full Replacement Cost.

Theft Coverage

Certain types of personal belongings are very vulnerable to being stolen, such as jewelry, furs, gems, gold, silverware, money, guns and accessories. Because of that, insurance companies offer very limited coverage for theft of these types of items. You can buy additional insurance to increase the coverage on specific items.

Additional Living Expenses

A standard tenant policy gives you a limit equal to 20% of your contents insurance limit. For example, if your contents limit is $15,000, then your additional living expenses limit will be $3,000.

Liability Coverage

Liability insurance covers you for any injury you cause to others or for damaging someone else’s property. The policy also includes the cost of a lawyer (if necessary) and most court costs.

Even if you do live in a rented space, it’s very important that you are adequately covered when an accident or theft happens.  Call you Insurance agent and ask for California Renter’s Insurance.

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