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Is U-Haul Covered Under My Car Insurance?

Does car insurance cover u-haul?

Is U-Haul Covered Under My Car Insurance?

Moving can be a stressful experience. Figuring out how to move everything you own from point A to point B is overwhelming. If you’re moving across town, you may be able to move everything by making several trips. It’s more practical to rent a U-Haul, even if you’re only moving a short distance away. Renting a truck or hiring movers is a must if you are moving farther distances. When you rent your truck, you will more than likely want to know if your car insurance covers your U-Haul too. The answer is more than likely no, but you still have other options.

Do You Need U-Haul Coverage?

U-Haul encourages anyone who rents one of its trucks to purchase a policy as part of your rental agreement. This is normally the same type of coverage you would purchase if you rented a car. With either type of policy, only the truck and company’s assets and liabilities will be covered. Your homeowners’ insurance should cover your personal belongings while they are in transit. If you aren’t sure about your coverage, talk to your insurance agent.

What Does a Rental Coverage Agreement Include?

Rental coverage will normally cover damage to the truck if it is involved in an accident. This will not cover damages to the truck that were caused by you. Loading the truck improperly or putting too much weight on the truck can lead to various types of damage. There is a limited amount of liability coverage, but you may be responsible for a portion of the liability costs if you were the one who caused the accident. You can buy additional coverage for your belongings as well.

What Options Do You Have When Moving?

Moving companies offer two insurance options. SafeMove is the most basic coverage and provides a modest amount of coverage for your belongings. SafeMove Plus also includes driver liability as well. It is twice as expensive as the basic package. There are several factors that go into the cost of insurance. Go over your options with the rental company to determine which type of policy is right for you and how much coverage you will need.

Coverage for Renting a U-Haul Truck

There are cases when your personal car insurance may cover a rental truck. If your rental truck has less than a one-ton capacity, your car insurance may cover it. Your car insurance may also cover a trailer as well. Even if you learn that they both will be covered, you should still purchase a policy from the rental company. This will pick up any damages that are still owed after your policy caps out.

Cover Your U-Haul with Remland Insurance

Moving from one home to another is a huge endeavor. When you decide to rent a moving truck, make sure you have all of the insurance you need to protect yourself and your belongings. Contact the agents of Remland Insurance Services as soon as possible if you have any questions or concerns.


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