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Is It Wise to Cancel Your Business Insurance When Times Get Tough?

canceling business insurance

Is It Wise to Cancel Your Business Insurance When Times Get Tough?

The ongoing COVID- 19 pandemic caused many businesses, especially the non-essential ones, to shut down or cut down their costs. In such overwhelming situations, it can be difficult for business owners and managers to look at the long-term impacts of the actions they take today.

Many people may resort to business insurance cancellation in an attempt to cut down on costs. However, they do not understand the long-term consequences of cancelling business insurance.

Why Cancelling Business Insurance May be a Bad Idea

Business insurance protects companies from any kind of downfall or loss they face. It may not cover the damages your business is suffering due to a pandemic, but there are many other challenges that your business faces every day. Business insurance coverage protects your company by helping you overcome those challenges.


The present economic slowdown is causing chaos and disorder in many places. Properties, mostly commercial and business, are at a high risk of vandalism. Without business insurance, you may have to pay a high price for repairs and replacement if your property is damaged.


Certain situations may arise in your company that can create a risk of lawsuits being filed against you or the company. Business insurance would help you cover any losses incurred.

Wastage of Premium

The insurance company will likely not provide any refund after the cancellation of your insurance plan or coverage. So, the premium you would have paid until the cancellation would be wasted. Furthermore, the insurance company is likely to give you a higher premium if you apply for the coverage again.

The points mentioned above show that business insurance cancellation can incur significant losses for your company in the long run. Do you have additional questions about your business insurance coverage? Contact the experts at Remland Insurance in Orange, California. We are ready to assist you with all your insurance needs today.


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