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Insurance for Wine Collectors

Insurance for Wine Collectors


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Americans have more collections than any other country around. Many collect cars, toys, dolls, china, paintings, jewelry, clothing and more. Those collections can get expansive and in some cases they are even considered irreplaceable by the person who owns them. If written properly, the California home insurance policy, should be working closely with its owner to properly cover any collection of special possessions in the home. But if the specific items are not listed properly on the policy, they potentially have zero replacement coverage in case of burglary or a house fire.

A collection that is on the rise these days may surprise you. More and more Americans have taken up the hobby of wine collecting, and not just your standard Trader Joe’s bottle of wine, we are talking high quality, very expensive wines that the modern consumer has never even heard of. Many collectors acquire wines that will generally be consumed in a timely manner; however others have been known to store their wine at in-home cellars for years and years. Either way you plan to collect, these bottles need the proper coverage. 

Here at Remland Insurance, we can help create a specific policy that would help protect a wine collection from fire, theft, accidental breakage, damage to labels, and many other perils that could come in contact with a collection that is stores at an in-home cellar. The policy can be specific even down to all the wine equipment used to manage and maintain the collection.Some common tools that are covered in a wine collector’s policy include:aerators, corkscrews, decanters, wine racks, furniture, refrigeration and more.

If you have a special collection at home sitting there without the proper coverage, its time to change that today! Be sure to contact your California insurance agent to add this coverage to your policy, or contact Remland Insurance today and one of our experienced staff members would be more than happy to assist you with any insurance need you may have – 714) 532-3341


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