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In Need of A Bee Rescue? Call the Guerilla Beekeepers!

In Need of A Bee Rescue? Call the Guerilla Beekeepers!

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Bill and team safely removing a hive at Terranea Resort

Spring is just a few weeks away here in beautiful sunny California, and with all that sunshine and those freshly blooming flowers you can expect some “unwanted” little visitors in your backyard. Those little visitors are responsible for creating the world’s most delicious naturally made sweetener and also help flowers and plants pollinate properly by redistributing pollen as they fly from flower to flower. That’s right…were talking about honey bees.Little black and yellow insects that the world truly would suffer without.

Spring time is the most common time of year for bees to swarm, so if you find a swarm at your home, we highly recommend you call the Guerilla Beekeepers to come out and safely relocate the bees to a new location where they can produce honey and live a happy and free life! The Guerilla Beekeepers are a local company that truly has a passion to preserve the bees.They simply remove the hive, and take it out to their beautiful land in Silverado Canyon to relocate the colony where they can thrive and produce more honey than ever before!

Bees are a crucial part of our ecosystem and should not be destroyed when found. Be a responsible resident and help preserve the bees with this great option! If the options comes down to calling an exterminator or calling the Guerilla Beekeepers, there really is no choice in the matter. Bill and his team do a fantastic job explaining the process and have the very best equipment and knowledge to safely remove a hive from your home.

Be sure to print this FREE coupon to receive your FREE consultation and evaluation with one of their bee rescue specialists. To contact the Guerilla Beekeepers, please call 1(855) LUV-BEES 


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