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Important Safety Tips for Outdoor Patio Heaters

tips for outdoor patio heaters

Important Safety Tips for Outdoor Patio Heaters

The pandemic has had a profound effect on many different aspects of life. People have had to adapt and connect through social distancing or even virtual greetings. Some people even turned their patios into outdoor workspaces. If you are looking for a few ways to extend the patio season, there are several different things that you can do. You can install a heater, lantern, or fire pit. No matter what heating choice you choose, it’s important that you remain safe at all times. Here is a safety guide for patio heaters.

  • Handle the Fuel Tanks Carefully

Most outdoor heat sources are fueled using propane and natural gas. Make sure that you always close the gas tank valve and turn off the switch when you are not using your heater. This helps ensure that your heater continues functioning properly. Fuels are very dangerous, which is why they must be handled carefully. Place your tank away from heated areas and open flames. Once you swap the gas tanks out, add soap and water to the hoses and valves. This will help you pinpoint any leaks and air pockets that could cause damage.

  • Find the Right Location

One of the most important patio heater safety tips is finding the right location for your heater. As you start brainstorming, think about the areas where you spend the most time. That should be the main area to set up your heat source. However, you need to do it carefully, which means that you may have to do a small renovation project. Your outdoor heat sources should be away from flammable objects such as trees, furniture, and some cooking items. If you are relying on fuel, you will need to place the patio heater in an open area that has good airflow. This reduces the buildup of carbon monoxide and potential poisoning. Before you start the installation, consult with your owner’s manual, and follow any manufacturer guidelines.

  • Watch the Kids

If you have children, they should not be anywhere near your patio heater or any fire element. Children are naturally curious, so make sure that you discuss safety and help your children to understand the risks. Keep the heat sources away from the area where your children like to play. Never start the heater and leave it unattended with your children close by.

  • Follow Instructions

One of the easiest patio heater safety tips is to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Every heat source has unique general safety and maintenance tips to abide by. Review all of the information that came with your heater. Follow all of the instructions. Perhaps you have to turn off the gas in a certain way when you aren’t using the heaters, or you have to follow complex distance requirements. Follow directions as outlined in the instruction manual.

  • Learn the Local Bylaws

Check to see if there are different bylaws in place that prohibit the use of different outdoor patio heaters. Do not risk being involved in an unfortunate situation where you have invested a lot of money in a system only to discover local bylaws prohibit the use of that particular heater. You should also check to see if there are any state fire bans when things get dry. This is especially important if you are staying in an area where wildfires are common.

  • Keep Your Heater Stable

Upright patio heaters disperse heat over a significant area because they are tall. They are also more prone to falling over. Look for a heater with an anti-tilt device. You must take measures to properly secure your heater. You can use sandbags or water weights to stabilize your heater. You can also use ties or cords to store your heater on the grass. Pegs are another option.

Accidents can happen at any moment. However, by following a safety guide for patio heaters, you can decrease the chances of a disaster happening. If you have any questions about your insurance coverage, contact the experts at Remland Insurance.  We are ready to assist you with all your coverage needs.


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