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Identity Theft Prevention While Traveling

Identity Theft Prevention While Traveling

Identity Theft Insurance Orange CAIdentity Theft Prevention Tips For Travel Season

Travel season is amongst us as we anxiously anticipate the arrival of summer, meaning it is time to get your identity in check. Unfortunately, crossing off various destinations on your traveling bucket list makes you uniquely susceptible to identity theft. Rather than leaving your identity vulnerable during your summer travels, allow these helpful guiding points to assist.

Helpful Tips For Preventing Identity Theft While Traveling:

  • Make sure to unpack before you start packing. This means going through your wallet or purse and taking out any documents and credit cards that will not be necessary to have while traveling.
  • How will you be traveling with your sensitive documents? Do not make the mistake of leaving them insecure in your suitcase or hotel. When traveling to unfamiliar territories, be sure to guard your documents in a money belt for extra safety.
  • If possible, avoid completing sensitive transactions on public internet networks for extra precaution. You never know who you are sharing your information with when you log on to a shared and insecure Wi-Fi network. While traveling, you may want to invest in a USB-based product such as SurfEasy.
  • You must be extra cautious with that little gadget that you carry with you wherever you go. To ensure that your phone is not leaving you vulnerable, make sure to set a unique password to your phone, especially while traveling. It is also smart to get in the habit of specifically logging out of various applications just in case you end up losing your phone.
  • Most importantly, you must follow up after your travels. This means checking all of your bank statements to ensure that no suspicious activity occurred during your vacation.

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