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I Can do What with My Phone?

I Can do What with My Phone?

I Can do What with My Phone?Mobile phones have turned into much more than just a way to call your friends. In the last few years, technology has allowed our phones to do everything from search the web, to video call across the world. Now, our phones are able to do even more, like controlling different functions in our homes.

Both Android and Apple phones have available apps that allow you to control different features in your house, including the lights, air conditioning, and appliances. The apps work in connection with special light bulbs, wall switches, thermostats, and outlets. Through the app, you are able to do everything from set timers of when you want your lights to come on, to raise or lower the temperature on your thermostat so you can come home to the perfect atmosphere.

The easy to use app also comes with the option to hook up cameras, allowing you to see what is going on in your home while you are away. Once you set a task on the app, you will receive a text or an email as soon as the task is completed.

When setting up the system, the geo-location of your phone is detected, enabling the system to calculate the sunrise and sunset in your exact area. It is hosted in a cloud-based system, which means that everything can be accessed from multiple devices, allowing everyone in your home to use the system too.

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