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Huntington Beach Youth Riot after the US Open of Surfing

Huntington Beach Youth Riot after the US Open of Surfing

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Ever have one of those mornings when you turn on the news or read the headlines and you just feel sick? Most of our office staff at Remland Insurance felt that way today in the wake of the Huntington Beach Riot’s last night after the US Open of Surfing came to a close. It’s so disappointing to watch the youth of America doing damage to property that is not theirs and causing business owners and workers to repair storefronts and property that should have never been touched.

With today’s technology it’s rather hard to hide from the law when your face is posted all over YouTube videos and other Social Networking sites and thankfully 8 arrests so far have been made after last night’s events. The US Open of Surfing went on all week with almost no issues security wise until Sunday night when a group of unruly young adults had a 2-hour confrontation with police on Main Street in Huntington Beach, CA.

Rocking cars, tipping portable bathrooms, throwing glass bottles and other objects, breaking store-front windows of local shops and tearing down street signs were just some of the offenses that took place in last night’s events and the Huntington Beach Police Department is still sorting out the entire event.  We are so thankful to have great police departments in Orange County, but it truly is unfortunate that there is even a reason for the riot squad to have to come out to a great event like the US Open of Surfing to deal with an issue as preventable as this.

So today…Monday when shop owners and merchants arrived back at their place of work asking “Now what?” there are a million unanswered questions that have yet to be answered. For any small business, this is what an owner may consider a “nightmare” but with the proper California Business Insurance, these shops and shop owners will be up and running again very soon! It is imperative that you carry the proper insurance coverage limits when it comes to vandalism, natural disaster, theft and more because you really never know what could happen just outside your storefront.  

We wish you the very best Huntington Beach, and hope justice is served to those who participated in these criminal acts over the weekend. Be sure to show your support by heading down to Surf City USA and support the great local shops recovering their storefronts this week! 


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