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How to Prevent Jet Lag on Your Next Vacation…

How to Prevent Jet Lag on Your Next Vacation…

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Most Americans enjoy traveling to far away destinations and experiencing new cultures and time zones, while others dread boarding that airplane and feeling sick the first few days in their new destination until they are fully adjusted. Jet lag is one of the main concerns for those traveling to a different time zone, and if it sticks around for a few days, it could cut into your precious vacation time!

Jet Lag is caused by the imbalance of our body’s natural “biological clock,” that is regulated by our normal sleep patterns and habits. If you have a trip planned, it’s possible to adjust your body’s time clock accordingly before you board the plane by following these simple steps.

At home, before trip:

  • Select an early flight to get body up and moving at an earlier hour
  • Adjust your bed-time hour and sleep patterns about 3 days before
  • Avoid caffeine in the late afternoon or evening
  • Purchase travel insurance with your local insurance agent (Remland Insurance can help!)
  • Load up on vitamins in the week prior to the trip so your don’t catch anything on the airplane
  • Drink extra water on the way to the airport and throughout the flight

At destination arrival:

  • Eat, and go to sleep at the proper time in your new destination
  • Spend time outdoors, and adjust to the new climate
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol for the first few days
  • Wake up as a reasonable time in your new time-zone
  • Enjoy exploring!

Safe travels and we hope these tips will help you to better enjoy your next vacation experience. There is nothing worse than feeling sick and lethargic while you are away from home. Eat a healthy, balance diet and drink tons of water to help flush your system of any toxins or unfamiliar bacteria that may be in the destinations water supply or food sources.


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