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How to Prevent a Home Break-In

How to Prevent a Home Break-In

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Burglaries are considered “crimes of opportunity” stated an article on today’s Yahoo homepage. Have you ever stopped to think about the blatant opportunities you leave for burglars to take advantage of your most prized possession…you home? Millions of homes are broken into each year and though most break-ins don’t result in injury or threat, there is still something very uncomfortable about a stranger breaking into your home and occupying your space without you knowing.The invasion of personal space and possessions can be prevented by taking these practical tips and putting them into action.

  1. A Watch Dog
  2. A Home Alarm System (and window stickers to prove it)
  3. Locked and Secured Windows and Doors
  4. Motion Sensor Lights (near all entry doors)
  5. Protection Warning Signs (ex: “Beware of Dog”)
  6. Surveillance Cameras (app’s even available on Smart Phones these days!)
  7. Lights on Timers Indoors while Away from Home
  8. Neighborhood Friends (who will help watch out for your home)

These tips are simple, and can be done with little expense. The piece of mind knowing that your home is safe and protected while you are away is worth the investment of some new technology and labor. It is also important to watch for any suspicious cars or behavior in the neighborhood and always call law enforcement if you observe anything too out of the ordinary.

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