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How You Can Eat Smarter This Thanksgiving

fresh produce, suggestions to help you eat healthier this Thanksgiving

How You Can Eat Smarter This Thanksgiving

Suggestions to help you eat healthier this Thanksgiving.

If you are trying to diet, then you might be worried about Thanksgiving throwing a wrench in your plans.  While the holiday season is full of temptation, there are ways that you can stay on track.  Try out these suggestions to help you eat healthier this Thanksgiving.

  • Focus on Fresh Fruits and Veggies

While you may be tempted to load up on the mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy, it’s always better to pile up on the fresh fruits and vegetables.  Make sure at least one-third of your plate consists of a fresh salad, crudité, or items off the fruit platter.  When you eat fresh fruits and vegetables, you are getting plenty of good vitamins and minerals without having to worry that they are cooked with butter or other fattening ingredients.

  • Load Up on Lean Protein

The star of most Thanksgiving dinners is a roasted turkey.  While many are worried about overindulging, turkey is actually an excellent source of lean protein.  Stick to the white meat, and feel free to fill up on this relatively low-cal Thanksgiving classic.

  • Use a Smaller Plate

When we serve ourselves food, we tend to take too much when our plates are large.  This often results in overeating.  Using a smaller dinner plate will help with portion control.  According to researchers from Cornell University, a 30% reduction in plate size leads to an average 30% reduction in food consumption.

Try out these suggestions to help you eat healthier this Thanksgiving.  Are you looking for assistance with your insurance this holiday season?  If so, then contact the experts at Remland Insurance in Orange, California.  Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your coverage needs today.


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