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How Vandalism Impacts Your Car Insurance Coverage

Vandalism effects on car insurance

How Vandalism Impacts Your Car Insurance Coverage

If you have comprehensive coverage, your vehicle is protected if you are a victim of theft or car vandalism. In the unfortunate event that your car is stolen or broken into, here is a look at how vandalism impacts your car insurance coverage.

  1. Comprehensive Coverage

    Comprehensive coverage protects you if someone breaks into your car. If you have comprehensive coverage, the insurance will cover the fees associated with repairing your vehicle. The policy covers broken windows, locks, paint damage, and a faulty ignition. If you live in an area with a high crime rate, comprehensive coverage is a significant asset.

  2. Possible Exclusions

    While comprehensive insurance does protect you in a lot of situations, there are a few exclusions. If you have aftermarket parts, they may not be covered. Any custom parts on your vehicle are also unprotected unless you amend your policy to provide extra coverage. Your personal items inside the vehicle are not covered if they are stolen. Generally, home insurance covers personal items such as cellphones, jewelry, or other valuables that are stolen. You will have to file two separate claims if your personal items are stolen and your vehicle is damaged.

  3. Basic Coverage

    If you have basic car insurance coverage, you are not protected against a possible break-in. In most states, you are legally obligated to obtain liability coverage. Liability coverage protects you if you are responsible for an accident and somebody gets hurt, or there is property damage. Liability coverage doesn’t protect you if your vehicle is stolen.

  4. Filing a Claim

    If you plan to file a claim because your vehicle was vandalized, you may have to pay a deductible. Filing a claim may not be a good idea if the repair costs are similar to your deductible. Perhaps you can cover the damages out of pocket. Each time you file a claim, you risk your auto insurance rates increasing. Try to avoid filing multiple claims within five years.

  5. Protecting Your Vehicle

    Always lock your doors. Try to park in a safe place where there are lights and CCTV cameras. Parking in a controlled environment is also ideal. You can also prevent a possible break-in by keeping important items out of sight or putting valuables in the trunk. Also, be sure to report any suspicious activity in the area.

  6. Next Steps

    In the unfortunate event that your vehicle has been vandalized, call 911. You may have to file a police report. Take pictures of the scene. Make sure that you write down everything that was damaged or stolen. That will help the claims process run smoothly if you decide to move forward. If your financial information has been stolen, cancel your cards and contact your bank immediately.

Consult with Remland Insurance Services Inc.

Comprehensive car insurance coverage will protect you if your vehicle is vandalized. If your vehicle is broken into, assess the damage before deciding to file a claim. If you have any questions, our experts at Remland Insurance Services Inc. will guide you through the process. Contact us today to get started!


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