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How Locksmiths Influence Your Car Insurance Coverage

Car Insurance Coverage

How Locksmiths Influence Your Car Insurance Coverage

Accidents occur periodically even if you strive to stay on top of things. One of the more annoying accidents that may occur is locking car keys in the vehicle. This is a frustrating situation that many drivers have experienced. Perhaps you have experienced this situation and are curious about potential resources.

Finding a Locksmith

Look for a locksmith immediately if you have been locked out of your vehicle. Locksmiths handle lockout issues and are also able to make you a new key. Perhaps you are concerned because locksmith services are generally expensive. Luckily, your car insurance coverage will assist you with locksmith costs. Locksmith services are generally covered through collision and comprehensive car insurance. Potential locksmith costs depend on the type of vehicle you have, the closest repair location, and the time when the incident occurred.

Locksmith Coverage

Lockout coverage is generally included as part of the roadside assistance feature in your insurance policy. Be aware though that most insurance companies restrict the number of times that you may use locksmith service through your car insurance coverage. Most policies only allow you to use the locksmith service three times during your policy period. The amount of coverage towards your claim may differ as well. It’s recommended that you look over your policy carefully to learn about potential exclusions.

How Does a Locksmith Partner with Car Insurance Coverage?

Each car insurance carrier has unique guidelines regarding locksmith service. In addition to lockout service, roadside assistance also covers the replacement costs if your car keys are stolen. Once you realize that you have been locked out of your car, contact your insurer immediately so they can dispatch emergency assistance. Be advised that you may be asked to pay the locksmith upfront and then file a claim seeking reimbursement from your insurer. It’s also recommended that you ask your insurer if a deductible is necessary before filing a claim.

Potential Lockout Scenarios

In addition to being locked out of your vehicle or simply misplacing your keys, a mechanical issue may cause your keys to malfunction. You may need the locksmith to reprogram things. Perhaps your key is worn out and the battery simply dies. Today, lockouts are more common in older vehicles that lack enhanced technology designed to prevent lockouts.


If you plan to file for reimbursement, it’s recommended that you include the receipt in your claim. Your insurer will keep you informed through every step of the process. Some insurance carriers offer key fob replacement if your keys are stolen. There’s also a chance your local car dealership may reprogram the key fob for free.

Things to Consider

Perhaps you are searching for an alternative because your car insurance coverage won’t cover the lockout costs. It’s recommended that you contact the vehicle manufacturer to see if they provide emergency assistance. Many motor clubs also provide roadside assistance as long as your membership is in good shape.

Consult with Remland Insurance to Cover Your Lost Car Keys

Losing your keys for any reason is a frustrating thing. Luckily, the comprehensive car insurance coverage will assist you in this situation. If you have any questions about car insurance, contact the team here at Remland Insurance and we will assist you.


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