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Homeowners Insurance in Orange, CA Could Cover Yard Damage

Homeowners Insurance in Orange, CA Could Cover Yard Damage

Homeowners Insurance in Orange, CA Could Cover Yard DamageYard damage can get pretty nasty, so it’s good to know that your homeowners insurance can help.

As a homeowner, you’ve likely invested time, effort, and money into your yard. A neat and tidy yard just gives a house that extra classiness. So it’s only natural that you want protection for your outdoor property just as you have protection for the house itself. Good news! Most home insurance policies do offer coverage for your yard: lawn, trees, and landscaping–but it’s important to note that it doesn’t always cover every scenario. The summer season is storm season for many around the country. Here are some ways in which homeowners insurance can help with yard damage.

Removing fallen trees and shrubs that crash into your home. 

Standard home insurance will cover the removal of fallen trees and uprooted shrubbery. This only applies, however, if they hit your house or another covered structure. Coverage applies whether the tree belonged to you or your neighbor’s house.

Repairing unattached structures. 

If a windstorm, fire, or another disaster (covered by your policy) damages, for example, the fence around your lawn or the gazebo on your patio, the repairs are covered under unattached structure coverage.

Repairing or replacing damaged or stolen equipment. 

In order to create your magnificent yard, you’re going to need the tools to do it. Unfortunately, those tools don’t come cheap. Fortunately, most of the items that you use to maintain your lawn and garden are covered by home insurance under the personal property clause. Your personal property coverage limit is usually somewhere between 50 and 75 percent of your dwelling coverage limit.

Your yard shouldn’t have to suffer because of Mother Nature or some vandal looking to make a quick buck. A quality home insurance policy covers your home against fire, storm, smoke, theft, vandalism, and a number of other damages–like yard damage. Call Remland Insurance today for additional safety information or to update your California home insurance policy – 714.532.3341


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