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Home Upkeep Tips For Autumn!

Home Upkeep Tips For Autumn!

Home Upkeep Tips For Autumn!October is here, which means it is time to say sayonara to summer! As a homeowner, have you done all you can to prepare your home for the upcoming autumn months? If not, here are a few fall preparation tips:

  • Tons of red, yellow, and orange leaves will soon fill your gutters to the brim! Make sure you clean them out periodically. Do not forget about your downspouts!
  • Keep an eye out for small cracks around your windows and doors. These can let the cold air in while you are trying to keep the house warm. Re-caulk any areas that have gaps.
  • Check out your roof to make sure your shingles are intact. They should not be curled, cracked, or buckled. Additionally, you should check your vents to make sure they are neither leaky, nor corroded.
  • Drain all of your outdoor faucets, and irrigation systems before winterizing them.
  • How does your furnace filter look? It is probably time to purchase a replacement.
  • Hire a professional inspector to approve that your furnace is ready for the cold months ahead.
  • Your chimney should be free of soot and creosote debris. If you are not sure how to tackle this uncommon job, consider hiring a professional chimney sweep!
  • If you have a wood burning stove, inspect it before its first use of the new season! This can help your family to remain safe from carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Make sure the smoke detectors in every room are in full working order.
  • Check out the insulation in your attic. Making sure that the vapor barrier is directed down towards the lower floor can help to avoid water problems.

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