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Are You Covered If Someone Is Injured At Your House?

Are You Covered If Someone Is Injured At Your House?

Home Insurance Liability City of Orange, CALiability coverage can help to protect your finances if someone gets injured at your home.

Inviting all of your friends and family over for the holidays can ensure you fully enjoy the season. Unfortunately, it can also open the door to more liability issues. Knowing if you are covered if a guest is injured at your house can give you the peace of mind that you deserve throughout the holiday season.

Along with providing coverage for your house and personal belongings, your homeowners insurance policy also covers liability issues that you may face. If someone is injured while visiting your house, your liability coverage will kick in to cover the cost of the medical bills, along with any legal fees if they sue you after the incident.

As a homeowner, it is important to fully understand your responsibilities when it comes to guests at your home. When you own property, you are responsible for keeping it relatively safe. Known as “premises liability,” this means that when people enter your property, they can expect not to be injured. Along with guests that you invite over, this also extends to delivery people as well.

There are certain steps that you can take to help ensure nobody is injured at your property throughout the holiday season and beyond, including:

  • Keep your driveway and walkway clear of any obstacles, such as garden hoses and toys.
  • Regularly check all stairs and railings throughout your house to ensure they are sturdy.
  • Tape down any rug corners that are lifting to help prevent any trips and falls.

Before inviting anyone over to your house to enjoy all of the holiday festivities, take the time to look over your home insurance liability to ensure you have the right amount of coverage. Contact the insurance professionals at Remland Insurance in the City of Orange for all of your California homeowners insurance needs.


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