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Holiday Tips For Your California Auto Insurance

Holiday Tips For Your California Auto Insurance

As a parent you need to be extra cautious about your surroundings while on the road, after all your children are watching your every move while in the back seat. Parents may not realize it, but they have been teaching their kids to drive all along. Everything they do behind the wheel has been noticed, and chances are it will be emulated. So steer away from risky driving habits in the car, like getting angry in traffic, eating, applying makeup, and talking on the cell phone. Make sure you’re fully covered because you never know what’s going on in the car next to you.

As the holiday season approaches, we at Remland Insurance want to encourage you to be a gracious and cautious driver. No shopping trip is as valuable as the precious cargo you are driving around with on a daily basis. Your California Auto Insurance must be up to date in order to protect yourself and those you drive along side. No matter how great of a driver you are…that crazed shopper next to you who is speeding to get the last X Box at Target may not be covered, so make sure you are your family are protected!  

Another strong concern during the holiday season is avoiding drunk drivers. Many people attend holiday parties during the month of December, and often use poor judgment about their abilities to drive home. Please be safe out there, and make sure your vehicle is covered this holiday season. Merry Christmas from the Remland Insurance Staff!

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Written by: Gary Remland & Christi Gartner


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