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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Holiday Shopping Safety TipsWhen you are shopping for the holidays, make sure you stay safe when going into the dangerous jungle of stores.

There are few things as dangerous as holiday shopping, especially during Black Friday. It’s also an opportune time for thieves to snatch some goodies from you. The criminals will be shopping this holiday season as well, just not at the stores. Will you give them the opportunity to make you their own personal Santa Clause? Here are some holiday shopping safety tips to keep your and your newly acquired things safe from the hands of unwanted criminals.

Shopping Safety Tips

  • Keep your purses and bags zipped and snapped closed at all times. Only open your bag when paying at the register.
  • Do not flash large wads of cash when paying for your merchandise because you never know who is watching.
  • If you get a phone call or text message, do not become distracted and let your guard down.
  • Only carry the minimum amount of credit cards you need in your purse or wallet (if you have more than one).
  • Speak to your children about a plan if you are to become separated while shopping. Tell them to ask the employee of a store or security guard for help. A meeting point also works if they are old enough to understand.
  • Always have a shopping buddy. You become less of a target when you are with another individual.
  • Make sure that your car is in proper working order, and your phone is fully charged before leaving the house.
  • Park in a well-lit area.

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