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Hiring a Remote Freelancer? Think About Hiring, Communication, Taxes, & Insurance

Hiring a Remote Freelancer? Think About Hiring, Communication, Taxes, & Insurance

Hiring a Remote FreelancerA remote freelancer could be the perfect solution for your business–if you think about these things before hiring.

In our digital age, it’s easier than ever to get the help you need for your business. Thanks to remote freelancers, you can get someone with the specialties you need for the exact length of time you need them. And that person can even live across the country! Of course, hiring an out-of-office employee brings a certain set of risks. To make sure you protect your business when hiring a remote freelancer, consider your hiring practices, communication strategies, and tax and insurance obligations.

Be careful who you hire.

Don’t just hire the first person you stumble upon Craigslist. Look for a freelancer who specializes in skills that meet your specific needs, and ask for a portfolio along with references. Armed with his or her past work, and word of mouth, you can rest easy knowing that individual will be able to fulfill the work in line with your expectations.

Stay in touch.

One of the biggest challenges with remote employees is communication. Have a plan to regularly check progress, and make it easy for that employee to contact you with questions or comments – and get a timely response. Also, keep open lines of communication on things like payment terms, deadlines, and who owns the work once its completed.

Cover your obligations.

Just because your freelancer is remote doesn’t mean you can forget about things like taxes and insurance. If you’re hiring your freelancer as an independent contractor, make sure you comply with IRS definitions of that type of employment so you don’t end up owing back taxes! Also, talk to your insurance agent to make sure you’re complying with your business insurance requirements.

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