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“Hey…She Stole My iPhone 5S”

“Hey…She Stole My iPhone 5S”

Statistics say that iPhone theft is on the rise. Thieves target those using their phones out in public, athletes on the run and those who use public transportation. The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are the latest coveted pieces of technology on the market, and owners must be careful when using these devices in public.

Cell phone (smart phone) theft is currently accounts for 30-40% of total crime in large metropolitan cities such as New York and Los Angeles.  Fortunately, devices like the iPhone are able to be located by using simple apps such as “Find My iPhone” or “Gadget Trak.” These two app’s are available for download and help track the whereabouts of your phone (or iPad) by using the built in GPS features the phone already has.

Some other tips for keeping your iPhone 5S or 5C safe include:

  • Purchasing the Apple Care Insurance plan to help cover the cost of damaged phones
  • Purchasing extended insurance with Verizon or AT&T for a monthly fee, lost phones are covered under these policies as well as damages
  • Get a good case to help prevent any water damage or cracks if phone is dropped
  • Register the serial number with Apple (or your provider) so phones can be reported as stolen

At Remland Insurance, we highly recommend purchasing the proper insurance coverage from your provider because if your phone is ever lost or stolen, the last thing you would want to do is pay the $600-700 to replace it. These plans usually charge $49 for a small claim and $199 to replace the phone. That’s a huge savings when you are only paying $6.99 per month to maintain coverage!

Technology is a wonderful thing, but can also create a lot of unneeded stress and anxiety if it gets into the wrong hands. Information on your phone is important and you need to be sure it’s protected and secure at all times. Take a few extra minutes today to be sure your smart phone is covered and protected properly.

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