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Helpful Tips For Passing A Smog Test

Helpful Tips For Passing A Smog Test

Helpful Tips For Passing A Smog Test

Making Sure Your Car Crosses The Finish Line

Are you due for a smog test? Since the Clean Air Act was passed in the 1970s, every vehicle must undergo a smog check to ensure their systems are functioning properly and safely. As a result, many motorists with older vehicles worry whether or not they will be able to pass this crucial test. Below is a list of ways to help you get across the finish line:

  • If your car has its “check engine” light ignited, you will automatically fail your smog test. Therefore, be sure to have this fixed before you head over for the test. More often than not, motorists experience a false “check engine” light due to a faulty oxygen sensor, meaning this may just be a quick fix.
  • It is best to drive your car at highway speeds two weeks before you head over for your smog test. This is because you are working your car enough to burn any gas or oil residue when the catalytic converter starts to burn up.
  • Have you been putting off an oil change for quite some time now? Do not make the mistake of going in for your smog check if you still haven’t gotten your oil changed. However, do not try to overcompensate and get your oil changed just because you are getting a smog check.
  • Maintaining your car about two weeks before your smog test can help to ensure you pass the test. Regular tune-ups are crucial to ensuring your vehicle’s functionality.
  • Why not get a pre-inspection? Many states offer check stations where you can pay less than you would for the real deal and get a pre-inspection that will give you insight into what needs to be fixed in order for you to pass.

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