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Having our California Business Insurance will raise your confidence and lead you in the right direction!

Having our California Business Insurance will raise your confidence and lead you in the right direction!

When money is tight, it is difficult to look on the bright side. However, with a little support and guidance, it becomes easier to think positively. In a recent article found in The Orange County Register,
Los Angeles area business owners are optimistic about the prospects for their firms in the coming months. However, they think the economy in general is declining, as reported in a survey for The Sage Group.

Local entrepreneurs are less optimistic about their own businesses and more pessimistic about the economy than their counterparts nationwide, the Sage Business Index found. The statistics gathered on what owner’s business outlooks were included 46% being more confident, 37% being less confident, 14% felt no different, and 2% didn’t know.

On a scale of 0 to 100, U.S. business owners score a 55% on optimism for their own fortunes in the next six months, compared to 46% from local owners. In the greater Los Angeles area, 37% are less confident, making their still more optimists than pessimists.

On the economy in general, owners nationwide score a 42% on pessimism, compared to 54% locally. In addition, 32% were optimistic locally, 13% felt no different, and 2% didn’t know. NewTek President and CEO Barry Sloane said the small-business economy continues to struggle because consumer spending and high unemployment reduce economic activity.

When the Sage survey asked the biggest pluses that the U.S. has for business, the Los Angeles area respondents said:
• Business culture and entrepreneur spirit, 57%
• Workforce, 45%
• Domestic markets, 41%

As everyone continues to work hard and meet their personal goals, Remland Insurance wants local businesses to have hope. We are here to keep your investment safe from all harm as you pursue your passion. This is why we offer comprehensive California business insurance!

We understand that selecting the perfect insurance policy can seem stressful, but we are here to take you step by step through the process. By meeting your personal needs, we can give you a coverage package that protects you from the unique risk factors you face.

Our commercial insurance policies cover anything from your commercial property to workers compensation to general liability and more. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, which is why our policies are just as unique as you are. So start having confidence in your passion with the safeguard of our California business insurance!


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